LC-MS Spectra Upload

MetaboAnalyst currently supports mzML, mzXML or mzData formats in centroid mode. Quality control (QC) spectra are not required but strongly recommended. QC spectra should start with "QC_". Two data types are allowed:

  1. [Required] Spectra uploaded as individual zip files - one zip (.zip) per spectrum [max: 100 spectra].
  2. [Optional] Meta data uploaded as a plain text (.txt) file containing two columns - spectral names and group labels [example]
Spectra processing can take a long time to complete, to avoid waiting:
  1. For guest users (default), after job submission, click Create Bookmark URL and save the URL so you can return later.
  2. For registered users, use the Log In button on the left pane to log in (or register for free). Create a project to start from there.

Please Choose all files, then click Upload to start. Upon completion, click Proceed to continue.

Try our example data

A small example data set for testing purposes, containing 10 trimmed spectra (UPLC-Q/E-ESI-, C18 neg) organized into three groups (Healthy, Crohn's Disease and QC) from (Lloyd-Price et al.) - Control [4 spectra], Disease [4 spectra] and QC [2 spectra] (download here).
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